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Default Re: Treat Ideas - Variety being the spice of life and all that

I posted some ideas for various seeds & treats in your other thread, don't know if you saw those or not?

As an occasional treat mine tend to like nuts, a small piece of walnut or pinenut are favourites or a monkey nut, they get veg daily so I don't count those as treats really, I rarely give any human foods, sometimes a tiny bit of plain porridge or some cooked pulses but not much else.
Favourites always seem to be the more natural hamster foods, seeds etc but as a treat they do love more of the high fat ones of course!

I wouldn't bother with the puffed grains for a campbell or hybrid tbh, I have tried them a few times with various hybrids & they aren't interested & I do think it far better to stick to more natural slow release carb foods like whole unprocessed grains or seeds with those susceptible to diabetes.
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