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Default Re: Detolf for a Syrian?

I would be a bit worried about a detolf for a bar chewer possibly. As CMB says there are internal bars in the detolf. Having said that - was the cage she bar chewed in before too small? And she has had a break from bars by being in the Zoozone. The Living World Green eco habitat (on Zooplus) might be a good upgrade but it's a lot more expensive than a detolf.

If you're good with diy, some people have taken the bars out of the detolf and siliconed the glass together to make a tank. I'd find that too big a job.

But it might be worth a try. If she did chew at the bars in the detolf you could wind sisal string round them to cover them. Otherwise, the detolf is a good option for a Syrian. I personally don't think it's too narrow because the length allows for a lot of enrichment.

Upgrade from a Zoozone 2 is tricky otherwise, without bars. A lot of people get this - there aren't that many larger cages or tanks and aquariums cost a fortune. If you can find a used four foot fish tank that would be an excellent upgrade. I've never had any luck finding cheap ones on ebay but maybe depends where you live. They can be mucky and need a good clean out.
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