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Default Re: New Russian Dwarf Owner, Settling In and Taming Tips

An update on taming Nugget, so he is definitely more confident with us being about in the room generally it's only if we make sudden big movements or noises that spooks him (which is understandable). So he is happy to potter, albeit a bit cautiously, about and do his thing which is nice to see. Both my wife and I have managed to get him to consistently take food from our hands which he generally seems none to bothered by and seems happy to slowly approach and sniff even without food on offer.
The next step will be laying our hands out with food and see if he will step in and get the food. Any tips on what do if he's a nibbler/biter? As I don't want to jerk away and freak him out and undo all the good work that's been done so far.
Thanks for your help and encouragement so far!!
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