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Default Re: The Metallica Chronicles

Originally Posted by AprilPearl View Post
Matthew is looking very handsome. He was clearly very excited about his BIS!
He can be quite an excitable little guy sometimes, the complete opposite to James in some respects but in other ways he's got his similarity.

Originally Posted by dreamtree1234 View Post
It is wonderful that you were able to stay with Vectis during your trip. I know you must have had a marvelous time together.
I had a lovely time and Vectis was such a fantastic host. It was nice to be able to have a proper chat outside of shows as we're often both busy at shows and don't really get a huge amount of time to chat. I also found it really interesting watching and learning from her interactions with Rogue. I hope it will be helpful when I eventually get my own dog (I'm currently not allowed with my current living arrangements).
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