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There's not really much new on the market that I'm aware of which is significantly larger than the standard 80 cm x 50 cm However,you could modify various cages on the market to make a larger cage with direct connections,or a meshed square meter rabbit cage would be another potential idea(just proceed with caution as with any DIY project!).

Indoor Square Cage Rabbit & Guinea Pig by Little Friends - Little Pet Warehouse This one could be meshed over for a square meter cage example.

Another alternative would be a double Detolf with a raised lid.Essentially two Detolf units are sealed together,giving twice the floor space(over a square meter,and if done width wise making it more Syrian friendly compared to the single Detolf).Other Ikea hacks can be done similarly using more units than the standard version to achieve a larger floor space,plus unlike wire cages or aquariums they can be expanded if your hamster shows negative behavior(like pacing,chewing,corner digging,leaping,etc).Bin cages can be done in a similar way as well,just to have that extra option out there!
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