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Default Re: Tank transportation

If you can't have a heavy enclosure,I'd go with a bin cage instead.This would actually be relatively easy to carry(as bins are far lighter).Plus,you'd get the added benefit of a cage that if modified properly can be expanded if your hamster shows signs that the cage isn't large enough(like pacing,bar chewing,leaping,corner digging and chewing,etc that are obsessive behaviors not eliminated by a settling period or other forms of cage modification).

Keep in mind that even a square meter bin setup is cheaper than a 40 gallon tank.While the 40 gallon when on sale may seem like a great deal,it really isn't Considering you'd only have to spend around $32 on three bins(2 80 cm x 50 cm,1 60 cm x 40 cm)and then the minimal cost of zip ties,wire cutters,and half inch mesh(not vinyl coated)which doesn't exactly disappear once the bin setup is made,it's a very good investment!It may not look perfect,but it gets the job done
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