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Default The Metallica Chronicles

Since the individual threads have lost their images when Photobucket went down and with the hamstery consisting of more hamsters than before, I thought I'd combine all the latest news from Metallica Hamstery in one place and what better place to start than with a photo of Matthew, one of the first hamsters to be born at Metallica Hamstery:

Untitled by Metallica Hamstery, on Flickr

Matthew, along with his mother Victoria has had a very busy weekend and travelled with me on the train to go and stay with Vectis in preparation for our trip up North on the Saturday. He was a good boy in his show pen during the journey and I presume was well behaved for the judge at the show because he earned himself a Best In Show. All of his success got him a little bit excited on the Saturday night and he thought he'd have a little party, making as much noise in his tank as he could. I don't often share a room with the hamsters and now I know why.
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