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Default Re: Little friends coco cage

Originally Posted by AprilPearl View Post
It is 79cm X 42cm X 55cm. The recommended minimum is 80cm X 50cm X 50cm. So, it is slightly under that but probably fine
Just to note that the forum doesn't have a recommended minimum. Lots of countries have different sizes they suggest & even in the UK different welfare organisations have differing sizes or none at all that they recommend. (The National Hamster Council has a minimum size but this refers to the absolute minimum that any hamster in any circumstance should be living in, it's not a recommended size but this is the only guideline the forum follows ) Every hamster is an individual and has different needs and that's what should be taken in to consideration - there is no one size fits all

I'm not familiar with this particular cage but as cypher had noted, if the bar sizing is bigger then that is something to consider.
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