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Honestly, the number one best toy (which is more of an essential really) is having a big enough wheel. The 12 inch silent runner is definitely Quigley's favourite toy! You mention that your hamster keeps you up at night. The great thing about the silent runner is that it is truly silent.

The Arizona Skyline Ranch playpen from Zooplus was also a brilliant purchase. It's big enough to sit in with your hamster so they can climb all over you and improve your bond, and its escape proof. Not something you can put in a cage but I thought I would mention it.

Skyline Ranch Arizona Indoor Run | Free P&P £29+ at zooplus!

Quigley loves his sand bath too. That's relatively cheap to make. Just get some chinchilla sand (not dust!) and put it in a tray or bowl of some sort.

Whimzee dog chews are popular with most hamsters. You can buy them from Pets at home.

The Savic Rat tube is awesome. It's actually big enough for an adult syrian hamster to fit through, unlike most hamster tubes. I have two joined together attached to the top of Quigley's cage so he has a sort of tunnel bridge joining one platform to the other.

Savic Play Tunnel Giant Tube | Great deals on small pet accessories at zooplus!

Wooden bendy bridges are great for climbing on or under and for gnawing too.

Wicker Bridge for Small Pets at zooplus

There are plenty of chews and such that you can buy and, as already mentioned, lots of toys you can make, for example from toilet tubes. You can put some food inside a toilet tube and wrap it up in paper so your ham has to chew into it.
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