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Default Searching for a syrian breeder in south england

Hi so this is going to sound complicated but just bare with me. So I'm looking for a Syrian breeder in south England (Preferably west). But I'm looking to get this hamster in about October....of 2018. I don't want to own more than 2 hamsters and I have 2 currently, basically i (before i 'retire' from owning hamsters, because 4 animals is a lot for me) want to own an amazing properly bred syrian. Now my hamsters are very close in age (3 months apart) and the youngest is 1 in september. So they're going to be 2 this time next year. You cant predict when a hamster is going to die so this is a sticky situation seeing as most breeders have waitlists. So I'm looking for a breeder that plans to still be breeding by october next year, is in south england and has a very long or no waitlist. I don't expect to find one that fits all these criteria but its worth a shot
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