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Default Looking for a breeder in Utah (Salt Lake/Provo area)


We are looking for a Syrian hamster for our four daughters (age 6, 10, 13 and 16) who are eager about getting a new hamster. I grew up with hamsters and love how friendly and loving they can be. After much research we feel a Syrian will meet our needs better than the dwarf varieties due to kids wanting to be able to cuddle and play with the hamster. I've researched a lot about cages, food, bedding, care, etc. and have a decent experience with them, but I'm always open to any suggestions and recommendations/advice.

My biggest challenge is finding a breeder as I've been told by multiple people we will be happier with a professional/home bred hamster than one from a pet store, most likely. So, that switched me to trying to research local breeders but I'm coming up completely empty. I've looked on facebook and a local classified section as well as google, etc, but only came up with one breeder on facebook in Orem, UT. However, my info on them shows they may have moved to Florida.

Can anyone help direct me to a breeder or ways to find one. I do travel with work so there's also the possibility that I could get one in my travels if it was safe to bring it back on the plane with me. If that's the case I travel to ND, CO, ID, AZ, WA, OR and CA a good deal. I'm based out of northern Utah (between Salt Lake and Provo) and would prefer to find a breeder locally so the kids could be there to pick the hamster that fits best with them.

Thanks everyone,
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