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Lightbulb Looking for Hamster breeder a few hours from Cincinnati

Hello! So I am looking for a reputable hamster breeder within a range of several hours driving distance from Cincinnati, Ohio. I am looking for a pet and a specific coat color that I haven't found in stores. In addition to this, I don't really trust pet stores due to their lack of handling the hammies and occasionally neglecting their health. I have raised twenty one hamsters in the past and I currently have two guniea pigs, I have an expansive knowledge on rodents of all sorts and will take great care of the hamster. All of my previous hamsters have passed on from age, minus one who had cancer and couldn't survive surgery. I'm finally ready to move on. I do NOT plan on breeding this hamster, I only want a pet that I can love and cherish. I'm looking for a tortoiseshell/torti and white, I'm fine with cinnamon, chocolate, black torti patterns etc. It's been my dream to have one and I'm really hoping someone can help me. I'd prefer a young hamster who is in good health and I'm fine with long or short fur but I prefer long hair. I've heard of Nancy's hamsters but I'm not sure how to reach them. Thank you so much for any assistance!!!
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