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Default Meet Ghost-The Ghost Files

Hello Everyone,

After Pip's sudden and untimely demise, I spoke to her today , about getting a new Hamster Friend, I felt that she had no objection to this, and that she would approve and hopefully become a Guardian Hammy..

After a trip to our local Pets@Home here in Peterborough post work..

I looked at the Hammies they had on offer, there where several " Mini Pip's" which I discounted, there was one older ham with very unique colouring but still a Pip-a-like albeit much darker.

I came across what is now our latest Hamster Incumbent, she was the only one who was interested having being woken from a slumber, the others I looked at just seemed to want to cower and hide and had no get up and go.

I have called her "Ghost" we are assuming that Ghost is a "she" or a very immature male but I am thinking Girl...

So from being home and out of a tiny little cage at the shop to an Alaska cage she loves the space.
Already she can climb like a demon, up & down, she can circumnavigate the cage on the bars, and also monkey bars across the top even turning round mid cage...!
She does fall off a lot, but she has a very deep layer of substrate to land on.
When she found her sand bath/pit she went bananas with her frantic digging/bathing I swear I could see a smile....
She has also burrowed to the bottom of the cage and along some before coming up mid cage with a daft look on her face.

Ghost is very very pale cream banded so the very pale cream blends into the white and she has bright red eyes too, from a certain angle it does give her a demonic look.

I have added a picture it is only from my phone so once she is tamed properly I will unleash the full Rads-Photography.....

RIP Forrest 05.03.2016
RIP Pippin 05.03.16-13.07.17 I won't forget you.. Ghost 14-07-17-13-05-19
"Some Angels don't have wings, they have little round furry bodies, four paws, a round nose, curious whiskers and unconditional love.."

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