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The detolf isn't the best cage out there for Syrians, but is perfectly fine for a dwarf (with the exception perhaps of a chinesey). It's a bit too narrow and shallow to hold enough bedding along with a 12 inch wheel like a Syrian would need. Besides that, you can't fit all that much enrichment for a Syrian. However, a dwarf hamster could thrive in a cage of this size. You have a Russian dwarf correct? A Russian would do very well in a detolf Some tips I can offer is to ensure you have the supplies to build a lid (mesh+wood, or just mesh if you're not all that creative). It's a pretty good and aesthetically pleasing cage so I would definitely recommend it for your Russian. I'm really not sure how large the package will be, or how they'll decide to ship such a large bit of furniture, but the detolf itself is 64x16 (in). Best wishes

DETOLF Glass-door cabinet, black-brown - 16 3/4x64 1/8 " - IKEA
Syrian hamster care guide
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