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Default Re: Maxi Duna Multy cage?

Fingers crossed for that. It's a shame the maxi duna is now so expensive. It's not easy to find and I think that is partly why. I think Amazon actually works out cheaper at 80 ish if it is free shipping. Porton Aquapet sometimes sell it a bit cheaper at 70 something but if they charge extra postage it can work out costing more. Sometimes they charge postage for it and sometimes they don't - must be a promotion thing. If you put it in the basket it should come up with the postage charges.

I just checked - they are charging 74.50 for it at the moment but also 19.95 postage which makes it 94.45.

Cage Maxi Duna Multy

However the price on Amazon is high at the moment at 97.40 - not sure if that includes delivery or not. Keep checking that page though as their prices go up and down regularly.
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