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Default Re: Maxi Duna Multy cage?

Yes there is a review of it on here - I'll go and find it! No worries about the bar spacing - it is 7mm approx . It's almost identical to the Zoozone but with smaller bar spacing so doesn't need meshing - I think the lid closes much better on the Maxi duna as well. It's not cheap though - usually costs about 80 either from Amazon or Porton Aquapet.

The Alexander cage is also a great cage for a Syrian.

Basically they're the same size but the Alexander is taller and has all the shelves. You can add a platform to the maxi duna though and the plus side of it not being so tall is you don't have the fall risks so an easier set up.

This platform is a good size and tall enough for plenty of substrate underneath (it's 21cm tall). Or some people make them out of Ikea knuff magazine racks.

Here are some reviewa of the Maxi Duna

Ferplast Maxi Duna

Maxi Duna Multy Has Arrived!

Obi's natural set up is complete!

And the Alexander cage

Alexander Cage - Mischief Hams

I think as she is bar chewing at the moment, I'd be tempted to go with the maxi duna multy.
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