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Default Re: not eating enough.

She will have been 8-12 weeks old when you got her, so she will now be about 12 - 16 weeks old. She does look small, but not necessarily underweight. Pet shop hamsters do tend to be smaller than breeder hams. It would be a good idea to weigh her, as I said, to check that her weight is fine for her age now and thereafter to weigh her once a week to check that she continues to grow until she is 6 months old. You can buy a pair of kitchen scales which would work just fine for her size.

The best mix you can get for syrians is harry hamster. I would switch her onto that if I were you. She will need about a tablespoon full a day. When I first got my last hamster, he was eating p@h own brand muesli, but he really did not like it and did not eat much. When I switched him to harry hamster, he started taking all his mix. Harry Hamster is also much higher quality stuff than other hamster foods.

Are you feeding her anything else? She should get a little bit of fresh veg a few times a week (up to a finger nail sized piece per day, but introduce veg slowly if she is not used to having it). You should also be giving her a bit of protein every now and then, especially while she is still young. A little piece of dried or cooked chicken a few times a week, for example.
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