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Default Re: YouTube channel thread (HC members)

Hello! We are new hamster parents to one little guy, Dennis-sama. We adopted him about a couple months back and we love him very much. He is a little ray of sunshine in our lives. He has a youtube channel of his daily happenings - running about, burrowing, digging, playing, sleeping...all these things might be ordinary but such a joy to witness. Some of the video quality might not be as good as we are new to this, but we hope you will enjoy his many adventures.

Dennis-sama's Youtube Channel -

The little guy also has a little blog where his many photos and adventures are shared.

Dennis-sama's G+ Blog -

We hope he makes you smile too!

I am a complete newcomer to this, and these are only my own thoughts and opinions. I will take advice as should you from the more experienced members who will no doubt be around soon!
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