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Default Re: Wood shavings to Carefresh.

Some conflicting advice there..

Ok, well, I was thinking of doing it all in one go too. I hate the wood shavings anyway even if it was Aspin. The only reason I haven't changed to Carefresh sooner was because I was waiting to get paid to get it.

She's a pretty laid back ham when it comes to changing things, she took the cage change all in her stride and was back to her normal self within half hour. I was going to wait till cage cleaning day to change it but I think I'll do it as soon as it comes back on Tuesday so as you said, all her smell will be on everything else.

I don't want to start another thread so I'll add this on:

I've got her safe sand and I've put it in her cage, she adores it. It's so funny. Can I leave it in there 24/7 or do I take it out?
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