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Default Re: Mabel peeing in her ball

It is normal, and just another reason why exercise balls are not such a good idea. I would urge you to use a playpen instead of a ball. Exercise balls are at best not enriching for a hamstervand at worst stressful, or even damaging if not large enough, as many are not, paeticularly for syrian hamsters. Hamsters explore by scent and like to roam at their own pace. A playpen offers them so many more opportunities for freedom, climbing and as natural an exercise experience as possible. Even if Mabel does not use her time in the playpen to run, she will be getting that experience already in her wheel, which, importantly, she can get off at any time - unlike a ball. A playpen will also afford you more opportunities to interact with her and therefore assist the taming process. If you must use a ball, do so for no more than 10-15 minutes at a time.
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