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Default Re: Hamster toys and accessories from recycled household items thread

Originally Posted by FelicityAnn View Post

How big is your cage? Did you have to take everything out to put it in, then put all the substrate back on top? Did you leave the top showing, so that Inky knew where it was?
She's in an Alexander (100x50cm) and it has taken up a substantial amount of space, but other things can go on top like another platform. . This will be particularly the case once I remake it in wood, as it will be better at taking the weight.

To be honest I didn't pay a great deal of attention to size, as it was only a prototype to see if she liked it. I literally just made it the same size as the cardboard box I had lying around. Next time I'll make it the same width as the cage, so it fits in better - you can make it any size so longer as each compartment is a suitable size.

I left a layer (an inch?) in the bottom of the cage, put it on top and then chucked the rest of the bedding back on top, leaving the entrances open so she could find them. There are actually two entrance doors, and I thought one had been accidentally covered up until I dug it out and then promptly watched her backfill it
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