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Default Re: Hamster toys and accessories from recycled household items thread

The Labyrinth House

Something I've been toying with is the idea of pre-made tunnel systems for hamsters (especially those like my Syrian, who is too lazy to dig but likes a nice tunnel!), which can sit underneath the substrate and hence underneath any other toys. The idea came from when a colleague had a Dell monitor delivered to the office, and some of the packaging immediately made me think "hamster castle!". Much to the bemusement of my colleagues I then rescued it from the recycling and took it home with me on the train XD

So, I took a cardboard box and decided to make a prototype

Remove all sellotape and then stick one end back down again using a hamster safe glue like PVA (UK) or Elmer's (US)

Weigh down the flaps with books while it sets (choice of literature need not be Chinese history or Japanese cooking...)

Measure 10cm (or however high you want it to be) around the whole box. This was for a Syrian.

Cut around the line, keeping the cardboard you cut off in one long piece as you'll be using it again shortly

For each of the internal walls, cut them slightly shorter than the height of the house (e.g. 9cm) and a bit longer than the length (so that you have something to glue it on with). It's easiest if you cut doors in before you glue it in. Where there are corners in the cardboard, work with them, not against them.

And the almost finished prototype (I cut in some external doors after I took this photo)

And in situ

Inky moved in there and started sleeping in there immediately So I think we can say it's a hit. I'm going to look at a more permanent (wood) version as, while I haven't lifted it off since I bought it, I'm pretty sure that she will have gone a bit grand designs on it in places, where she has decided that an extra door would be beneficial.

I thought I'd come up with something new but it turns out the Germans are already well ahead of us - Rodipet make something very similar I'll take that as a sign that it wasn't such a bad idea However, they're quite pricey (about 32 inc. P&P) so I'll make my own to fit my cage
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