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I was going to place an order on viovet for my syrian hamster. I finally didn't do it because the shipping cost was too expensive to my country, so I can't tell for sure if all the things that I wanted were ok, but maybe my wishlist could be useful to you

I asked for help and some friends from HC suggested these (I'm going to quote them)

Quote: Though I see you have a similar one already for Blacky. I have the smallest size for my boys and there's still plenty room. I got these for Boris and Pasha back when we first got them. They seemed to enjoy pulling all the green sissal bits out. for hanging monkey nuts and other treats on there are other flavours too. Artie and Pasha's favourite You would need to watch for the cotton string in it, my guys have never nibbled it but you might want to take the things off and stick them on the kabob stick instead if you were worried about Blacky chewing it. They all have one of these in their cages. I really like it when I put their scatter feed in at night as I can sprinkle it over and they have to work a bit to get the seeds out. I also stick sunflower seeds in the little holes which they enjoy pulling out. The diameter of the hole is 5cm.
(Thanks BP, I hope you don't mind)

Woodies Caterpillar - - this looks adorable in the cage and also this was Sherbet's favourite wood chew one of the only wood chews she liked to chew. Pumpkin also like her I often find it gets taken into her house. They do like to chew the sisal string off but I normally rethread the pieces onto some more sisal string

Hyacinth Tunnel - - as well as the Seagrass tunnel - - the small size is a perfect size for Syrians and Pumpkin herself has both of these and she often enjoys climbing in and out off the holes on the sides.

Willow sticks - - these are one of the only natural wood chews my hamsters have seemed to like to chew can be used either as a bunch (I find they get chewed on more like this I stand them up in the corner of the cage) or individually.

I know you mentioned that you have enough snacks but I would recommend the dandelion treat sticks - - these are one of Pumpkin's favourite and are a really good price compared to some of my local pet shops.

Rosewood Garland - I have the flower garland for Pumpkin which I like to use in a natural themed cages and I also use the chews individually too ( but Rosewood also do a sports version - (

Some of the other items I have for Pumpkin are the
fruit rollers (,
fruity spinners ( ,
rosewood sisal carrots (, and she also has loofa slices.
(Thanks Skb, I hope you don't mind)

In the end I bought some of those things on another website. I'm quite pleased with the hyacinth tunnel, the loofa hanging toy, and the apple hanging toy. I didn't like the flower hanging toy.
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