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Yesterday we waited patiently to see him. I put his food and veg out around 6.30pm with a bit of cage noise so he knew it was feeding time. And checked out where he might be nesting. Both rooms in his house were filled to the top with Fitch.

I carefully moved some away to see if he was nesting in there, uncovered the potty and found this

A large tunnel going down under the house next to the potty, so no idea where he is nesting lol.

He appeared in the hole at the top of the house sat and looked and listened to me for a few minutes then disappeared again.

Later in the evening he was out and about in the cage, using his water bottle and seemed a bit calmer.

He went a bit headless chicken again later on - lots of climbing and running around and wanted to come out again, so he went in the playpen again and sat for a stroke at one point, then had a bit of scrambled egg.

This morning he seems to have taken his water bottle out of its holder and somehow moved it down to the floor of the cage, on it's side on top of the rainbow bridge! Which is some distance away. Maybe he wants it there lol. I've put it back in the holder.

The ceramic potty was balancing rather precariously and I don't want it to fall on him so have moved it to the other side of the house. It's the only thing in the cage that wasn't supported underneath

He seems to like carrot, broccoli, cheese, egg, millet and a raisin, but ignored a piece of walnut left out.

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