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Default Newt's thread

I thought I'd start Newt's thread rather than update on the "Meet Newt" thread

So Newt (also known as Newton, Newtie, Newtie Pootie, Newtus Hamsterus and Custard's Victor) was born on 24th March 2017 and is one of Souffle's Halluperts litter. He came home with us on Saturday 6th May and enjoyed exploring his cage.

We've ended up calling him Newtie when we talk to him.

He is currently adjusting and settling in. After exploring the cage he went into the house and started digging next to the potty and disappeared, kicking the Fitch out behind him.

He went a bit headless chicken later on the first evening, climbing bars and running around a lot, then got scared by a noise and buried himself in a corner of the cage. Normally I would leave him alone to settle in for 2 or 3 days but was advised to keep handling him a bit every day as he had been used to and he seemed to want to come out.

He had a bit of time in the playpen with me and checked out the wheel a little bit. He is just using the wheel occasionally in the playpen at first until he's grown a bit. He then settled down in the cage, ate some broccoli and disappeared down the hole in the top of his house.

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