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Default Hamsterfood/mix? Good/bad? Need help...

Sorry about the not so informative title (and the weird sentences and so on, very tired)...and also Hi everyone

Getting a new hamster (syrian female) very soon (have not had hamsters in over ten years...) and need some advice regarding food; specifically these mixes: Bunny HamsterDream Basic (Zooplus) and Versele-Laga Crispy Muesli Hamsters & Co (Zooplus) and this "pellet/block" (or whatever...):Versele-Laga Complete Hamster & Gerbil.

I am considering to get both a hamstermix (or mixing more than one mix...) and some kind of "pellet/block" but...obviously do not want to mess up nutritional values, percentages etc. My hamster naturally deserves the best food that I can get my hands on, so...are these mixes/pellets/blocks good or bad?

I live in not all brands etc. are available but feel free to recommend other hamstermixes/foods/pellets/blocks...hope you get what I am trying to say

Again sorry about my weird ramblings...

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