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Default Re: pinkneon's photography!

Originally Posted by Thin Lizzy View Post
I second that. I'm all relaxed and then you go and put in a seagull urgh!

Just two photos today. This first one was taken last week. I was waiting for them to sort out my prescription. Only took them two days LOL so went to the beach whilst I was waiting in the evening ...

That one isnt brilliant, as the stupid lights were on on the pier! It looks awesome once it's dark and all the lights are on, but when it's not dark it's looks a bit silly! However, I liked the sky lol

And then on Monday I had an appointment in another town, and I was waiting for someone who was coming with me. I had Dolly Parton playing on my phone - I LOVE Dolly! Anyway, this little guy stopped to listen, and at one point it looked like he was dancing! He also seemed to like to listen to me talking to him! I'm not sure if he was hurt or sick as he was there quite a while, but I like to think he enjoyed my company and music!


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