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Originally Posted by Drago View Post
How wonderful it is that they're warming up to you! They are so adorable (although perhaps I'm just biased seeing as rats are my favorite animals lol) keep sharing pictures whenever you can! Their whiskery little faces have made my day Is taming going well for you?
Well I haven't taken them out for playtime yet as I want them to get used to me touching them before I do that otherwise they would get frightened if I suddenly move them away from something that they shouldn't get into. However Leo comes out for cuddles and he loves to nap on me sometimes, it's just getting the other two socialised which we're taking at their pace. When I cleaned them out the other day I had to sort of trap Milo and Monty into the carrier which I felt bad for doing but it had to be done, as they weren't staying in the carrier for long on their own. So I had to shut the lid quickly otherwise I would have been standing there all day and their cage would have never been cleaned, Leo was quite happy to climb on my hand and to be put in there so that was easy. I just hope the other two boys will learn that it's okay to be in there but I guess that will come with time.
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