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I would recommend Hazel/Harry Hamster for a Syrian. Protein does not need topping up with this food, although you can feed extras like freeze-dried chicken or scrambled eggs every few days or so. Fresh veggies are very important and should be fed everyday in thumbnail sized portions. A wide variety can be given, but I would avoid onions, garlic, tomatoes, leek and potatoes. Citrus fruits are also toxic. You can give pumpkin or sunflower seeds as treats.

For a dwarf hamster, ordering Burgess Dwarf Hamster from the UK or a US stockist is the best food, unless you are prepared to research into making your own food. This food is completely sugar free and is perfect for diabetes prone hamsters or diabetic hamsters. A few US members do this and will be able to assist you better. The same rules apply with Syrians and Dwarf hamsters for vegetables, protein and treats. Avoid fruit for diabetes prone hamsters or diabetic hamsters.
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