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Default Re: Wheels for syrians??

Oh I just love talking about wheels!

8 inches is a bit on the small side for a Syrian. It might work if they're a baby, but I recommend a minimum of a 10 inch as this is what is most comfortable for them and encourages exercise. I think Syrians in general tend to prefer standard wheels over saucers, while dwarfies often love the saucer wheels. A saucer should never really be used by itself as hamsters need to be able to run naturally and only a standard wheel can provide that, but a saucer definitely provides extra enrichment if you can get both!

My favorite brand would have to be the silent runner. It's such an excellent quality wheel for its price. It's silent, smooth running, and stands up to abuse from a very mouthy hamster which makes it a great choice! Wodent wheels are also another great wheel as they're essentially silent (unless the pin is lost) and they spin smoothly and really well. Another advantage of both is that they're enclosed which is better for more timid hamsters who will appreciate the extra security of the closed off running space. They're pricey up front, but totally worth it in the end
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