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I highly recommend hazel/Harry hamster as the staple diet for a Syrian and Burgess dwarf for a dwarfie. It is available online through websites like amazon for relatively low prices, in fact, you may pay more for this food than for a bag off a good website! There are several reasons I wouldn't recommend this food besides the fact that it's not nutritionally balanced. One reason that jumps out straight away is the colorful and filler pellets. This food contains tons of dyes which are best avoided for your hams sake. I also notice that the first ingredients (which means they make up the majority of the food) are corn kernels and corn based pellets. Foods containing a lot of corn are signs of a cheap filler pelleted food and a food lacking in nutrients. The last concern is the fat content, the bag reads "no less than 6% fat" which could be too high for hams! Hamsters should ideally have no more than 6 or MAYBE 7% fat otherwise it can be detrimental to their overall health. All in all, it'd be healthier and better to go for hazel/Harry hamster!
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