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Default Re: Not sure if i'm a good hamster dad

I don't think you sound like a bad ham dad, the fact you are asking for advice is always a good thing.

Like others have said I think you need to take it slow with taming as not all hamsters warm up to people as quickly as others. When I get a new hamster I always feel worried im going to get a nip but I use the bath tub technique and that always works.

All you do is use a container like a small cardboard box and lure your hamster into it. Then you use a bathtub or other enclosed space like a playpen and you just sit in there and let your hamster out of the box. Just let them sniff and explore you, if they are interested and approaching you they are not likely to bite. Don't pick them up, just let the hamster do their own thing and get used to you, when you want to put them back in their cage heard them back into the box. I did this every night for 2 weeks with my current hamster, only after that did I actually hold him and he was fine with it.
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