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Default Re: Not sure if i'm a good hamster dad


First of all, I don't think there's any way you're not a good hamster dad if you're coming here for help! This obviously means you care enough to want to give her a good life. That's the first step of being an awesome hamster parent!!

It's good that you were able to get her a proper tank to live in! That's an excellent start!


What species of hamster is Sigourney?
What enrichment do you have in her tank?
What are you feeding her?

Did you introduce yourself gradually to her or did you just try and start picking her up all at once? If you just went for it and starting picking her up, this is why she'll be biting you - she's frightened and not used to you yet!

If she's a Roborovski, she might not be very tame ever. Although you can get some very friendly Robos, in general, they are a little more skittish than other hamsters!

If she's a Syrian, Campbell's Russian, Winter White or Chinese, try this method:

I would start all over again with her - first, give her a bit of time and space, maybe a day or two, so she can just relax and get used to her environment without the fear of big scary human hands. While she's settling in, wear some tissue in your sleeve for a day and then place it in her cage to give her something to make a bed out of that smells of you, so she can get used to your scent.

When you feel she's settled enough, start leaving treats, such as sunflower seeds, outside her den. Gradually, hold them up to her so she can take them from you. If she doesn't take them straight away, be patient and give her some more time, but keep trying! Once she's taking treats from your fingers, place some treats on the palm of your hand and rest your hand in her cage. Hopefully, she'll start coming onto your hand! Keep doing this until she sits on your hand to eat the treat, then gently lift her off the ground. Repeat this, lifting her a little higher each time, until you are able to comfortably hold her so she feels safe and secure.

Do you have any questions that you would like to ask? Because there are so many wonderful and knowledgeable people here, and someone will know the answer to every question you have!!

I can't promise I can answer all your questions but I am certainly willing to try and help you and your hammy best in any way I can!!

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