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Default Re: Zylvan, another new man in my life!

Thanks guys
Unfortunately we do seem to have taken a step back again, I think it was the taming bin that did it, he didn't seem too stressed when he was in there & took seeds from my hand when back in his own bin but he's become more skittish & nervous since.
He has come on a little again, I haven't used the taming bin since the second time, but it is very, very slow going & the cage situation isn't helping.
I think being in the small bin it's hard for him not to feel a bit trapped when my hand is in there so I may put him back into the original bin cage which isn't that much bigger but gives him a bit more room to move around my hand if he wants to.
I'm still dithering about what to do! If only I could find a barred cage with a nice front door that wasn't too big I'd go for it like a shot, I am considering having a go with a hamster heaven possibly, I don't want to freak him out with too much space but on the other hand all my other Chinese hams have gone straight into that type of cage & it worked for them, whether that would be the same 3 weeks down the line when he's got used to being in the bin I don't know.... decisions, decisions!
It's going so slow right now I'm not sure I could make things that much worse whatever I choose to do!
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