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Default Re: Hamster keeps going into hibernation

Thank you all for your replies. Its much appreciated.

Her weight hasn't changed or the amount she is drinking. She is very active and is her usual self apart from this quite bizarre not waking up and shaking until she is put somewhere warmer situation that we describe above. However, the last time she did it she was in the same room she was in for a week , with a constant temperature so it makes sense really.

Her fur did change colour about a month ago around her face, she went a little bit more light grey.

I have put a hot water bottle under her cage for the past 24 hours but am concerned its now too hot!

I think I may take her to the vets to have her checked over to be on the safe side. The past two weeks she has become a source of constant worry!

I will research the diabetes suggestion and if anyone has any more suggestions please let me know.

Really Really appreciated everyone! x x x
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