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Default Re: Hamster keeps going into hibernation

As Serendipity says do make sure the room remains warm enough at night as well as during the day & she has plenty of shredded tissue for her nest.
If you use a snugglesafe take care not to overheat your ham, if I use them I put them on a shelf under the cage with at least a couple of inches between the heat pad & cage & never directly under the nest area.

They are sensitive to daylight changes, this is what triggers the colour change in WW's but hamsters don't hibernate so it won't be related to her going into torpor, if she continues to do this even in a warmer room I suspect there may be some underlying health issue, in spite of their small size dwarf hams are actually a little more cold tolerant than syrians are.
How is she between times, eating ok & a healthy weight?
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