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Default Hamster keeps going into hibernation

I have a russian dwarf hamster called Winnie, she is 10 months old.

Since the 26th of December she has gone into hibernation, the third time was this evening where I had to spend some time waking her up in her house which was placed on a hot water bottle. I have done some research which has advised that her home needs to be in a place that is above 18c, we have moved her cage which was in a cooler part of the house to a room which was 19c and today I went to check on her and again she is hibernating.

I am really worried I am not doing the right thing here, we spend around 20 minutes waking her up and then she comes back to normal.

Can anyone offer tips or advice with how to avoid this or how we should care for her to make her more warmer in what is actually a warm room anyhow. My logical thinking is the amount of darkness is also causing this too, would anyone be able to help me out with greater knowledge and better care for her ?
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