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Default Re: Glass tank/Fish tank

I'd posted earlier in this thread how I was using a tank for Jessie,a lively Chinese Hamster and not long after writing that post I'd had to move Jessie, primarily because she'd be monkey barring on the roof and I was concerned about her falling and hurting herself on the edge of the glass shelf and I wasn't able to hang a hammock to help break her fall however I have managed to remove the glass shelf from that particular tank and it has since been used as a maternity tank for Victoria when she was pregnant. It was ideal for the job really as she or her pups couldn't climb up any sides and risk falling and getting hurt and with no bars to worry about, the pups were able to explore a safe area.

If I were to have a Roborovski, I might consider using a tank as a permanent home but for now, the best use for us would be as a maternity home.
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