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Default My Gentleman Edward!

I couldn't start 2017 without a hammy, that just wouldn't work out at all would it?

After losing Browney and Kiki such a short time after each other, I felt a bit lost and had my doubts that I would be able to care properly for a new furbaby.

I admit that I started looking shortly after Kiki passed, but I knew I wasn't at all ready to open up my home or heart to a new hamster just yet.

However I stumpled across this little guy and both Sebas and I fell in love!

Were were quite lucky, when we messaged the breeder about him, we were told that he was indeed for sale, but she had quite a list of potential buyers that she needed to contact first. Days went by, probably the slowest 8 days of my life and I received a message that it looked like tiny Edward would like to come and live with us!

Both of us were very happy about the news and we thought the name was perfect! We had been discussing names for quite a bit, but looking and him and being informed that his current name was Edward - I mean we couldn't change that. And this is how we got our little classy gentleman.

Due to mites we couldn't pick him up before last Thursday, but now he is here and he is doing great!

Say hello to my gentleman; Edward:

He is very sweet and curious. Very calm as well. despite only being 2 months old he doesn't bite! He can get a little confused and nibble a bit hard when he has taken the treat from my hand though. He probably wonders if the hand itself tastes like mealworms as well seeing as it certainly smells like it!

Up until now he has had a few days mostly to himself. If he has been awake I have been talking softly to him and opened his cage to take a picture or two. To my great surprise he will walk up to the front door of his alaska and lift himself enough to walk out and expect my hand to be there! He is a bit careful now and then but not at all scared of me (:

And he adores monkinuts! If I give him one he will pick it up and run in a circle before he decides that his sandbath is the perfect place to sit and eat it. I might film it at some point, it completely melts my heart! Especially when his sandbath has a large opening while the rodipet house where he has his nest, is completely dark and much safer! I even saw him run with the monkinut to his rodipet house and turn around before going inside. He then took a sharp 180 degree turn and jumped into his sandbath

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