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Default Re: Zylvan, another new man in my life!

Thanks Lizzy, Happy New Year to you too

Thanks everyone for all the advice & support, I think I just had a bit of a confidence crisis for a few days, not like me really but maybe being at a bit of a low ebb with my health lately it wasn't the most sensible time to get a new ham but on the other hand a fourth reason to stay positive is no bad thing

Zylvan was so sweet yesterday, I decided (finally!) to move him into the smaller bin for a while & was all ready to go expecting to have a bit of a struggle getting him out as he's still so unused to hands, I had to wake him so I rustled the bedding & took a little out so he couldn't just burrow down (I really didn't want to be chasing him around) & fairly quickly a little nose appeared & very slowly & hesitantly he began to emerge, obviously very nervous but not panicking or anything, so of course I start to wonder if maybe he would be ok in the bigger bin after all but stuck to my plan!
I let him climb into a small ball & put him in his carrier where he burrowed down & stayed with his little face peering out while I swapped the bins over.
He was nervous but still quite calm & no problem with him climbing back into the ball to come out & he seemed quite comfortable walking out of the ball & over my hand when I put him into his new home.
He had a good explore, looked in his new house, I thought the bendy bridge would take up too much space & might need replacing too often if it got peed on so I gave hime the ceramic christmas pudding house which no one had used yet, it has quite a big door so it should be easy to entice him out from there.
He came out for another look around before retreating to his sand bath (his favourite safe haven!) but surprised me again when I put my hand in to adjust his house a bit & check he'd got enough bedding in there by coming out & eating his tofu quite close to my hand before going back into the house.
Not long after I put the main light out & just left my red lamps out & he was soon out again, exploring & running in his wheel, I'm sure he knew I was there even though he couldn't see me as he kept pricking up his ears & looking in my direction but didn't appeared bothered at all.
It wasn't long before Zeki & Tinw were up & running too so I was sat in a warm red glow listening to all my boys running together while I watched him
I haven't seen him yet this morning but fingers crossed we'll begin to make real progress now, I'll give him a little time to settle but hopefully hands won't be such a big issue.
I'm so totally in love with this little man & his sweet nature & really looking forward to getting to know him properly now
Slave to Zylvan & Mriel.
Always loved, never forgotten, forever in my heart
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