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Default Re: A day in the life of Rowan

Hi Rowan,
This is Pip my proper name is Pippin but I prefer Pip, I like doing things to annoy my pet human you have to do these things as it keeps them on their toes.
Make sure you get plenty of treats the bestest one in the whole world is Cheese then there is chicken, duck, pastry is nice and I like little bits of biscuits though nothing that is strong custard creams ,digestives and shortbread is lovely then there is the usually fruit and veggies.
My human has a big black flashy thing he calls a camera and insists on taking these pictures things he calls them so I try to make it hard for him... hehehehe.
Take care
RIP Forrest 05.03.2016
RIP Pippin 05.03.16-13.07.17 I won't forget you..
"Some Angels don't have wings, they have little round furry bodies, four paws, a round nose, curious whiskers and unconditional love.."
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