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Talking A day in the life of Rowan

Hi i'm Rowan and i'm going to tell you what I do in a day. Firstly, and most importantly I have to wake mummy up, to make sure she's not late. Then mummy opens the lid of my cage, and gets the weird water thingy, she puts new water in it and if I've been really, really good she puts ice in it. Then its breakfast time and she takes away the horrible brown pellets that I never eat, they taste really bad. She fills it with seeds and nice pellets and millet and some flaked peas and grains ( I love this part of the day). Then I eat and eat and eat until the bowl is empty and I go into my little grey house and eat any leftover food from yesterday. Then I sleep for ages waiting for mummy to come home. Finally after hours and hours I hear mummy come home she comes in straight away to see me and she usually brings in some fresh food like cucumber or carrot or romaine lettuce. I love veggies. Then mummy gets on with her homework and I supervise and help her if she needs it. Most of the time she's doesn't need help so I fall asleep. Once she's done she gets me out in the playpen or on her bed or in the bath with a big fluffy towel. Then I go back to bed and sleep until the lights go off and mummy goes to sleep. After the lights go out I run on my silent spinner and use those nasty brown pellets for something fun. I like to make lots of noise by putting the pellets inside my wheel. Mummy just laughs at me and calls m a rascal or a monkey. then I dig and dig and chew up the cardboard tubes and make a lot of mess. Then I have to wake mummy up and do it all again.
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