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Default Zylvan, another new man in my life!

I got myself a little something for Christmas

Not exactly what I planned, is it ever lol!
Long story, sorry! I've been looking at a really big bin cage sat on my coffee table that I started making before I went into hospital for two months now getting really frustrated knowing I won't be able to do anything with it until I'm completely recovered from my op which isn't going as planned so I moved it out of sight (almost… I'm still itching to finish it!) & swapped it with Tinwë's old 84L bin, so now I'm looking at a finished bin cage thinking I really do want a robo one day…. then I couldn't help myself & started playing house & before I knew it the bin was all set up
So I went out today in search of a robo, the shop had been reorganised again & only one tank had a label saying female robos & I really wanted a male, I could see syrians, mice & gerbils but not much else but piles of substate so I asked one of the girls & she wasn't sure what was what & just opened a tank, lifted up a pile to reveal three adorable Chinese males…. my heart was starting to melt instantly, she left me standing there while she went out the back to look for the elusive male robos but by the time she brought one out I was totally torn between them...
I put my hand in the tank next to the little furry huddle & the one in the middle stretched out curiously & began to lick my finger & just kept on licking my finger, such a sweet gentle little man
Poor robo didn't stand a chance, I think maybe I'm just not meant to have one… at least not while people keep putting Chineseys right under my nose!

Had to do a quick rethink of my bin layout but I think we're sorted for now, he's had a good explore above & below ground & seems quite happy.
He's a little skittish at times & obviously a little nervous but has taken a few seeds from my hand & seems happy enough with me sitting there chatting to him while he explored. Fast asleep now bless him so I'm leaving him in peace to settle for a while.

I didn't want to scare him with the camera & flash (it's really dark here) so I just grabbed a couple of intro shots, I'm sure there'll be lots more to come

I'd forgotten how noisy "silent" spinners are! But it will do him for now, a wheel is obviously a complete novelty but he's getting the hang!

His starter set up, a bit basic for now but he seems to like it.

The big bin (145L RUB) is just a bit of a project & was never meant specifically for any one of the hams but if little Zyl turns out to be a confident man who enjoys space it may be his one day, but that's entirely up to him, for now I'm just looking forward to getting to know him
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