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Default why not post about my other beloved pets <3

hello hello , I figured why not share funny things about my animals when they happen. I will be posting photos whne I get more suitable ones XD anyways I have several cats - oldest to youngest -
Panther - 7-8 year old black large cat - he is rather large about 3'6 when we measured him
Peekaboo - 7-8 years old black thin cat- she is the smallest cat being skin and bones but she is healthy just likes being a skelly bi polar kitty
Silver - 6-7 years old Silver / multi color grey shifting fur- Peekaboos daughter
Fuzzy pants - 4-5 years old chocolate point Siamese- a weird weird cat that is picky on people that pet her , my mother boyfriend and I are few that can pick up the feline freely
Cheeky - 2-3 years old black tubby cat - she is my cat and a gaint sucky baby with a snazzy personality
Gollem - 2-3 years old white cat - she is talkative cat with gorgeous marbled blue yellow eyes , her name is oblivious what ever is hers is hers
on to the dog
Yukon - 1 years old german shorthaired pointer x lab black- he is my anxiety dog basically and is a brat almost all the time
on to the rabbit
Cloud - unknown age possible hottot drawf - we picked him up off the road a few years ago and he has stuck with us ever since
now to the reptiles
Shiro - year or so old crested gecko Harely choco-cream dash pin - he is the first reptile to the house hold ever
Toothless - at least 6 months old crested gecko orange striped flame - second gecko which for some reason lost his tail which is why he is named toothless though my dad wished to name his tails
now to the Hamsters
Orihime - year old Syrian hamster I believe , albino saddle back I dunno - my sisters first actual hamster she has to take care of though we had a accident now she is a bit lf a cripple with a dislocated back leg but moves and acts content as can be
Roxas - 8 month satin hamsters I think , albino - we got him after loosing orihime we thought she died because you know up against three cats and our now passed away senior dog though now my sister has two hamsters
Matthiue/ sky - 4 month old roboroviskis white and black - I just picked her up a few days ago the name is still undecided

all of our animals are well taken care of and spoiled to death , three cats and the rabbit are at my mothers place , rest are at my fathers because we stay there the most then at my mothers place but each still get their own amount of love and care.
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