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Default Re: Jiggy, my Russian dwarf (Winter White)

Originally Posted by cypher View Post
Such a cute little guy
Has he been using the sand bath? I wondered if it might be a little on the small side for him to roll in properly.

Yes, he has, I've seen him roll around in it, but have been thinking the same, I might get a bigger dish, I love seeing them bathing.
Jiggy will go to the vet soon, time to trim the nails, I have seen they are getting on the long side and I want to prevent issues.

I am very worried.
Jiggy has been tame and sweet from day 1, and so very cuddly.
I am afraid that when taken to the vet it could be very scary for him and I don't want to change that sweet personality.

However, sometimes it's one of those things I have to take in consideration because the nails do need trimming.

I have provided more things to wear his nails down. Another stone, different bedding, (mini-hemp) willow bridges, all that stuff but it is still necessary.
So next week we might take a little trip.
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