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Default Re: Guide to suitable hamster Wheels

That's the one, serendipity! I am a big fan of flying saucers; don't ask me why because Freddy hasn't used his medium sized one once!

I found that the TRIXIE wheel makes a lot of noise if the black ring in the centre of the face plate isn't attached. Mine fell out and I didn't think it was serving any real purpose so I just put it in a cupboard, shortly after I noticed just how loud the wheel was getting. I attached it to the roof of the cage which made it quiet but putting that ring back in it is now almost silent!You have to be careful tying them to the top of the cages though as some of them come off the stands really easily; my 20cm version falls off the stand if you pick it up!

A type of wheel that doesn't get a mention is balls on stands. These are the only wheels I see that sre consistently a good size for syrians (small to medium sized ones anyway) but I don't own one so I couldn't comment on them.
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