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Default Re: Advice on giving eggs?

There's some hammy egg scrambling on this video from Erin's Hamsters I tried doing that way and it didn't work for me lol but it gives an idea. I have just scrambled it as I would for us (ie Charlie gets a bit when we have it, but it's probably best to do it without milk as it isn't really necessary for them). I had also heard they shouldn't have milk but only heard about it after giving normal scrambled egg! Haven't had any issues with that small amount of milk, but best to avoid it if it's not necessary.

My normal way of scrambling eggs is 1 tablespoon of milk per egg plus one tablespoon extra, mix it with a fork, stick the bowl in the microwave and check every minute or two, mixing with a fork now and then until it looks about right. It doesn't want to be too hard or it falls off the teaspoon and too much gets left in the cage (our hammy just pulls the whole big piece off and then I worry about egg going off in the cage). Neither does it want to be too runny - just softish but solid. You could substitute water for the milk to get the consistency.

So Souffle's way sounds best - or the same as that but add a tablespoonful of water before mixing and putting in the microwave.

I used to do scrambled egg with grated cheese as a puppy milk meal years ago - it tastes really nice so do it for us sometimes. After you've scrambled the egg, add a little bit of grated cheese and mix it in. It melts and becomes part of the scrambled egg, which is less sticky than having melted cheese on top like in Erin's video

I give it on a teaspoon (about half a teaspoonful) - our hammy grabs the teaspoon in both paws and eats it a bit at a time off the teaspoon - but you could just put it in a little dish or on a saucer as well then take the saucer out when he's had enough.
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