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It is all such a worry isn't it. I think a sugar-free mix and hydration might help hopefully Broccoli sounds good too. Any ham-safe veg will help with fibre and vitamins. I wouldn't put vitamins in water, but the hemp seeds are supposed to contain all vitamins and minerals. Charlie (surprisingly) really liked hemp seeds and licked them off a spoon

Probiotics are to help with repopulating the gut with friendly bacteria after antibiotics kill all bacteria (good and bad). Not necessarily needed right now or relevant for the diabetes.

Hope the Burgess doesn't take too long. Diabetes is such a nasty disease for hamsters and you have been taking good care of them. If you think Cinnamon doesn't have much time left, then it is probably a case of just what she likes (I am sure she would like broccoli!) - but fingers crossed things improve xxx
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