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Which food are you using? Might be best to look at the overall nutritional values on the packet of mix. Agree I don't think sunflower seeds are an issue. They are not a raw form of sugar and are mostly healthy fat in terms of calories, as I understand it. It is true that carbs are converted into sugar by the body (in humans at least) but not the same as refined sugars - although the carb balance would need to be right I guess.

You could also supplement with other seeds that have healthy fats but low carbs - such as hemp seeds and linseeds (same as flax seeds). Pumpkin seeds are also high in healthy fats/calories. Hemp seeds apparently contain every form of vitamin and mineral so are a good supplement.

I can see your concern - hamsters love sunflower seeds and will always eat them out of a mix - I expect - and if your mix is high in them, you have concerns. What are the nutritional values on the mix and someone may be able to suggest additions to balance things out, or an alternative mix. Although I know you have looked hard at finding a good mix. Diabetes is a very complicated issue as well.
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