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Default Re: Guide to Hamster Shows - Other Questions

Where can I get a show pen?

Show pens are available to hire at shows if you do not have your own by adding a note when you submit your entry to the Show Secretary. Most regular exhibitors will eventually look to purchasing their own however it is worth mentioning that they are made by one member of the club in his free time so there may be a wait on these. You may be lucky enough to find second hand pens for sale from another exhibitor and these are usually advertised on the Facebook pages for each hamster club.

Can I volunteer to help out at a show?

Without helpers the shows couldn't go ahead so the clubs will always welcome those who wish to help out. Roles can include helping out in the kitchen or tombola to stewarding. If you're interested you can speak to someone who is already doing the job and ask them about what their job involves or you can speak to one of the other experienced members that are milling around at the shows and they'll be happy to point you in the right direction.

What is a Prefix?

A prefix is a name that the National Hamster Council have granted to a particular exhibitor under which they can show. To be eligible for a prefix you will have to have been a member of an NHC affiliated club for one year, have chosen a unique name and sent off the correct paperwork and payment to the National Secretary.

How do I prepare my hamster for a show?

As hamsters in the main show will have to spend most of their day in a show pen which is substantially smaller than a normal cage, you will need to be sure that they're going to be happy enough in a small environment. Quite often their behaviour in a carrier will give you some idea on this. If you own a show pen you can always put your hamster in one whilst you clean their cage to get a good idea of how they might react.
The judges of both the Pet Class and the Main Show will look at your hamster's condition and they will look at things like the length of their nails and how their fur is looking. In the days in the run up to a show, check your hamsters nails and give them a trim if they're looking a little bit long and keep your long haired hamster's coat brushed. With short haired hamsters you can polish them with a piece of silk to help their fur lie nicely.

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